General Information on IPCC 2019 Interdisciplinary PhD Communication Conference

The Interdisciplinary Doctoral Communication Conference (IPCC 2019), which was held for the second time within the scope of the Istanbul Bilgi University Graduate School of Graduate Studies, PhD Program in Communication Sciences, at İstanbul Bilgi University . The story of this small-scale conference emerged from the needs of the doctoral students who share similar concerns such as lack of feedback and interaction in large conferences so it has been a great chance for me personally to get the opportunity to present one of my works prepared in alignment with the issues and problems related to the technology, consumption and false- consciousness stemming from the time we live in. During the conference, discussions varied from university as a space of knowledge but its limitations in practice to the inclusion and intersection among the topics presented in the conference.


Brief Information on what I Presented in IPCC

My presentation roughly aims to analyze and give recommendations about the images of aging and the representations of older people in print and TV media with the help of two opposing make-up brands promoting two different perception on ageism. Aging has always been a controversial topic in Social Sciences as to whether it should be counted as negative or positive. By using media tools and critical discourse analysis, how the messages conveyed through advertising and whether the messages received positively or negatively in the modern era was presented through the comparison of Dove’s real beauty campaign spread the world and Revlon’s Age-Defying make-up product.


Highlights from IPCC 2019

Not surprisingly, as the recent trends in the communication as a discipline barely focuses on modernism and rationalism as the range of areas doctoral students are generally attracted especially in the last decade are on technology, game theory, aesthetic expression, performance studies and many more. The work Sarper Durmuş presented was the most influential for me as it revolves around the reality of interactive online corporeality such as Twitch, which is a new form of online broadcasting of video games, and it is quite a popular contribution to the online communities in the world.