As we were partners, only two groups took part in this competition (B1M12 and B1M13). There were 8 groups of 4 in total. We decided to connect this project to one of the last units in B1 Pathways book. The students prepared posters about Amazing Structures and Ancient Places in Turkey and around the world. The students not only made beautiful and creative posters but also prepared themselves for presenting them in front of both groups. They students had 3-4 minutes to talk about the poster and present the most important information and some facts about the building / place. Our aim was to practice both speaking and presentation skills in front of the audience. The students used some B1 grammar structures and vocabulary as well.

There was a jury made of 3 teachers: Both of us and Nazan Özcinar (we asked her to help us in order to be impartial and more credible:) We assessed the visual aspect of the posters, the information included as well as the presentation skills.

Finally, we decided on 1 winning team and gave it small gifts (cup coasters and some sweets). Everybody was very competitive and we had a lot of fun!