a. Brief information about the training

“Course and Syllabus Design” was a two-module (5-day) training program held by Gordion Academy Knowledge Club. Module I was hosted by Acıbadem University from 22nd March to 23rd March and Module II was hosted by İstanbul Ticaret University from 9th May to 11th May 2019.
The course was designed to help plan and structure the course and syllabus to effectively reach the desired instructional goals through a systematic process. The keynote speaker was Dr. Simon Phipps.

b. Highlights from the training

In Module I, the first day was on the role of curriculum, where to start curriculum and syllabus design, assessing needs, managing the curriculum and syllabus process. The second day was on components of a syllabus, defining course content, syllabus and course materials, evaluation of current curriculum. During these two days, the key principles underlying good practice in CSD, curriculum evaluation and revision in the participants’ institutions, managing the continuing professional development in CSD were discussed with the participants from different universities.

In Module II, the first day was on planned vs taught curriculum, layers of curriculum and sequencing objectives. On the second day, the participants were divided into two. One of the groups focused on course planning, and the other group worked on syllabus design. After finishing the task, at first the feedback was provided within the groups, and then each group gave feedback to each other. On the last day, curriculum support, assessment matrix, evaluations and revisions were the discussion points.

During the 5-day training program, it was clearly observed that curriculum and syllabus planning is well thought, designed and user friendly in our institution. There is still room for improvement and this requires time, experience, and expertise.