This semester Team 4 had a vocabulary tournament using the game Password, which is a collaborative and competitive game aiming to provide genuine opportunities to practice and internalize target lexical items. While the game requires a collaborative practice process within each class as the students need to work as a team, it also enhances “competitive vibe” through vs games between different classes. In 2018 – 2019 Spring Semester 10 B2 classes participated in the game. The whole process took 6 weeks including a pre-tournament warm-up game, 2 first round games, 1 quarter-finals, 1 semifinals and 1 final game. The ppts were prepared and shared with the instructors on the day of competition by Ahmet Çelik. This semester B2 M10 and B2 M18 played the final game, and B2 M10 had a well-deserved victory, being awarded with small gifts.

Here you can also find feedback from B2 M10 students about the vocabulary competition.

Some more photos from the tournament