Dear all,

You can find the updates and news for this week below:

1. IATEFL Research SIG Conference Organising Committee

Believing in the importance of continuous professional development, we, as ScOLa, have hosted some major forums and events in the world of ELT, such as FOCI, FOAI, a joint event with the British Council and our 1st International ELT conference to create opportunities for sharing expertise and learning from each other.

This year, we are excited to share that we are planning to host the fifth annual conference of International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL) Research Special Interest Group (ReSIG) in our school.
As you know, such an organization requires collaboration and the ownership of whole ScOLa and it is for sure that each and every one of us will be ready to put effort into this journey. In addition to this invaluable support from each ScOLa member, an organization committee also needs to be established.
If you would like to be involved in this committee to undertake some major responsibilities and to be accountable for the smooth running of the whole process, please send an e-mail to Aylin ( ) stating your interest by the end of 21.03.2019.

To learn more about IATEFL Research SIG please visit

2. ScOLa Boards – Team 3 Project

At the beginning of the Spring semester, team 3 decided to run a project at A2 level to have their students produce something to engage in the language more, do something fun using it and display the products on the ScOLa Boards in our building to give the work some recognition.
As the theme they chose “Travel & Culture” and under this theme, the students were given the option to choose from the following and prepare a project:

  • Interrail
  • Work & Travel
  • Erasmus
  • Aupair Programs
  • Festivals: Music, Film, Dance, Colour, etc
  • Cities around the World
  • Interesting Facts about Different Cultures

The students worked in groups and prepared their projects, presented them in class to their classmates and a winner was chosen among them in each class.

To choose the winners, the products were evaluated in each class in terms of:
• creativity
• language use (accurate and appropriate use of grammar and vocab)
• content of posters (giving enough info, not in full sentences, etc.)
• delivery of presentation

All the student work have been put on our boards on different floors, but the winners have been displayed on the third floor boards. You are all welcome to have a look at these products if you like.
Among the winners of each class, the jury that consisted of Nergis Uyan, Serkan Aras, Sultan Zeydan, Esra Çelik, Saadet Tıkaç and Özlem Kaplan looked at and analyzed all the student work selected as the best of each class. The jury evaluated the work considering creativity, language and content displayed on the products, and finally decided on a winner.

The winner of this competition has become the students from A2-E2 with the following work:


















The winners have received the following gifts:






And the other winner projects from each class can be seen below:



































We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who took part in this project (the students, Team 3 instructors, and the jury) for their support and contribution to this process.