Dear all,

You can find the updates and news for this week below.

Update from the Director

  • COFFEE TIME & MY OFFICE HOURS during the SPRING SEMESTER:  Just like last year we will be coming together in small groups for Coffee. Eda will be sending you invitations nearer your Coffee Time. This time as most of the Prep Instructors are following the same schedule, we were able to regroup the teams so that you also get the chance to come together with your colleagues that you cannot always see. However, for ML and UG ENG groups, we’ll be making arrangements within the groups as they have different schedules.
  • I will also continue having my weekly office hours so that you could always come in for a chat. I’m available every Thursday from 10:30 to 11:30. Please note that you do not need to make an appointment for this, you could just walk in.
  • RECRUITMENT: Just like every year this time, we’ve already started our International Recruitment. As usual, I’d like you to inform your Team Leader/Coordinator about your plans for next year by 9.00 a.m. Monday, 25th February so that we could also proceed with the Turkish recruitment.
  • SUMMER PLANNING: We’ve recently started planning the Summer activities. Together with the regular levels, courses we’ll teach, we’ll have different actions/tasks for each programme and also Summer School for High School Students.  As it was announced earlier, we have different needs for this programme. Please note that you could still apply to teach High School students during summer by 20.02.2019-Wednesday sending an e-mail to Below you can find the details.
  • HOLIDAY: Although the New Academic Year Calendar is not finalised yet, we’ve already planned the Annual Leave dates for different groups for the Summer;
  • UG ENG & ML Instructors:  will have fix holiday dates: 10th June-17th June (6 days) & 26thAugust-13thSeptember (14 days).
  • Please note that the UG ENG Instructors who will be working in the Prep Programme during the Summer School will be following the Prep Schedule.
  • PREP Instructors : Just like the previous years, they will be using their holidays in two groups;
  • Group 1 Holiday: 1 July – 30th July
  • 30th July: The common working day for both groups
  • Group 2 Holiday: 31st July – 3rd September
  • 3rd September: All Prep Instructors at school.


Could all the Prep Instructors & the UG Instructors who will be working in the Prep Programme during the summer, indicate their preferences on the list in the ScOLa Admin Office by Friday 8th March 2019? We’ll then follow the usual procedure to decide on the holiday groups.


  • UNPAID LEAVE REQUESTS: I’d like to remind you the procedure indicated in the Instructor Handbook for the Unpaid Leave requests.
  • NUMBER of ANNUAL LEAVE DAYS: There are some instructors who have Irregular Annual Leave Days due to various reasons. Please note that the holiday arrangements will be made individually for these instructors and they will be filling the Annual Leave forms accordingly, in liaison with their line managers and Eda.


Thank you all for your cooperation and wish you a great Spring Semester.

Common Time Developmental Sessions

Last week, Deniz Bağcı gave a session on reflective writing with the participation of our colleagues from different teams.

There will be the first reading club session this Thursday (14.02.2019). It will be at 09:00 in 220.
Please send an e-mail to by Tuesday if you would like to attend it so that you can get the article of the week and read it before the session.