FOCII-XVIII was held at Ege University on 6&7 December 2018. This year the theme was ‘Assessment from a Curriculum Developer’s Perspective: the Who? What? When? and Why?’
Curriculum and assessment team members from different universities throughout Turkey came together to discuss:

a. how to create the best curriculum to meet the needs of the students
b. how to avoid an exam-driven curriculum
c. how to improve the communication between curriculum and assessment teams
d. whether it is better to have two separate teams as a curriculum team and a separate assessment team, or to have one joined C&A team

In small group workshops, the participants had the chance to give concrete examples of how their own institutions had responded to the challenges raised by the theme. The small groups then gave presentations to the whole group to share their experiences with all the participants. Finally, two universities which had been asked to give a presentation about their own institutions’ C&A structures shared their experiences with the whole group, one of which was Özyeğin University.