Dear all,

Please find the news and updates for this week below:

1. Common Time Developmental Sessions:

This week, Ahmet is going to give his session twice. You can find the details below.

Session Title: Participative Speaking Activities

Instructor: Ahmet Çelik

Details: The main focus of the session will be on how to create a context and reason for students to feel the urge to speak through a both cooperative and competitive process. Moreover, how to train students to gain the ability to self-monitor and assess the process is another focus of the session to benefit from autonomous learning strategies. Finally, for teachers giving delayed feedback on speaking performance and its benefits will be put forward.

Date & Time & Venue: 24.12.2018-Monday 14:45-16:30  (in ScOLa 220)

27.12.2018-Thursday 09:00-10:30 (in ScOLa 315)

Please send an e-mail to by Wednesday if you would like to attend this session so that he can make the necessary arrangements.

2. Özyeğin University High School Summer Program (Reminder)

As you may have already known, Özyeğin University offers courses for high school students during summer to provide authentic on-campus university life experience.

As ScOLa, we have been supporting this program by offering language courses in line with the needs of this target audience and the program. We will continue supporting High School Summer Program this summer and if you would like to take part in this program by offering one of the courses below in 2019 Summer term, please send an e-mail to by 26.12.2018 stating which course you would like to be involved in.

Please be informed that taking part in this High School Summer Program is considered as extra work on top of your responsibilities in ScOLa.

For further inquiries, please contact


3. Board Decoration

Last week, B1 (M1-M10) classes together with their Team 2 instructors contributed to the decoration of our Scola Boards through their project with the theme of ‘New Year’. Once they completed their projects, they presented them to their friends and instructors in other classes with the desire to become the winner of the competition.

Then the jury which consisted of Nergis Uyan, Sinem Dursun, Sultan Zeydan and Özlem Baykan looked at and analyzed all the student work on the boards, and chose one winner under 3 categories: creativity, language and content.

The winners are:

B1-M4 – Green New Year’s Resolution Tree














B1-M3 – New Year’s Resolutions, 10 Tips, What did we learn in B1, Must-see


































And they ate their pizzas with pleasure 🙂 


All the posters/projects can be found on Scola boards on the first and second floors, and even next to our Christmas tree. Enjoy reading 🙂