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please find this week’s updates below.

Common Time Developmental Sessions

Last week, Gülseren Eyüboğlu gave a session on teaching grammar.  It was a fruitful session with the participation of our colleagues from different teams. The session will be repeated this week so that the ones who couldn’t attend last week can attend.

You can find the details for this week’s session below.

Session Title: Teaching Grammar

Instructor: Gülseren Eyüboğlu

Date: 18.10.2018-Thursday

Time: 14:45-16:15

Venue: ScOLa-220

Please send an e-mail to by Wednesday if you would like to attend this session so that she can make the necessary arrangements.

Research Strand

The research group held their first meeting on Thursday and started their journey! This week they will be working on “how to write research questions”.

ScOLa Seminar Series

Last week, we started giving seminars on the common problem areas of our students.  The first seminar was on how to study vocabulary and it was repeated three times last week so that all the interested students on different shifts could attend and benefit from this seminar.  Since these seminars are now part of SEC 101 course and students earn credits when they attend, the participation this year was unprecedentedly high.  More than 150 students attended this seminar last week.

This week, the seminar series continue with a session on how to study writing. You can see the poster with the session details below.  Could you please inform your students accordingly?

Online Academic English conference

You are invited to an online conference by Cambridge University Press.

Tuesday 30th October
Session 1 9:30 -10:00amGMT
How much A does an EAP course need? · Robert McLarty

Session 2 10:30 -11:00amGMT
Strategies for teaching critical thinking more effectively · Chris Sowton

Wednesday 31st October
Session 3 9:45 -10:15amGMT
Synergistic Speaking Tasks: Ways to manage successful end-of-unit tasks for the oral communication classroom · Daniel Newbury
Session 4 10:45 -11:15amGMT
Basic literacy in ELT · Gary Pathare

Thursday 1st November
Session 5 9:45 -10:15amGMT
Motivation in EAP and the use of intrinsically interesting ‘academic light’ topics and engaging tasks · Adrian Doff
Session 6 10:45 -11:15amGMT
Academic English tests: What are the challenges in testing language proficiency and academic skills of high level (B2+) learners?· Sarah Unsworth

Friday 2nd November
Session 7 9:45 -10:15amGMT
Specialised vocabulary in English for Academic Purposes in research
and teaching · Averil Coxhead
Session 8 10:45 -11:15amGMT
Rhetorical Readers in Academic Writing: A Corpus-based Contrastive Analysis of Reader Engagement in English, French and Spanish · Niall Curry



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