FOCII-XVII was held at İstanbul Medipol University 0n 10&11 May 2018. This year the theme was ‘Action Research and Curriculum Development: Implications and Possibilities’. Administrators and curriculum team members from different universities throughout Turkey came together to discuss the application of action research to improve the curriculum and to engage teachers more in the curriculum development. The whole-group discussion intended to share the challenges of the implementation of action research and solutions to overcome these. The small-group workshops focused on three topic areas, and participants came up with action research implementations related to them. The groups were asked to design action research on the following supposedly problematic topics:
a. including 21st Century skills in the curriculum
b. boosting student engagement in speaking tasks
c. improving teachers’ perceptions of the curriculum

The event has given the participants the chance to share research projects carried out in their own institutions, to participate in a hands-on planning of action research projects and to exchange ideas about how an action research approach might be of use to curriculum teams.