Dear all,

please find the updates for this week below.

1. Common Time Developmental Sessions:

Title: “Soothing the Beast: A Glance at Creating Good  Readers”

Instructor: Can Danışmant

Session Details: It is nightmarish to work on a reading text that might lead to huge frustration and demotivation for certain students, who are unable to deal with its features. That’s why this session aims to create good impressions for our reading lessons in the context of a foreign language lesson. This will help us, as educators, to motivate our learners more efficiently.

Date & Time: Morning common time (9:00-10.30)

Venue: ScOLa-220

 If you are interested, please send an e-mail to Can Danısmant by Tuesday 16:30.

2. Research Group

The research group started the second semester with the “methodology session”. They discussed different types of study designs and how to collect data for each one. The next session will be about ethical considerations while conducting research.

3. B1 Project Update

We continue to offer B1 students an extracurricular course which adopts a problem based approach. The course aims to improve students’ 21st century skills (critical thinking, collaboration, communication, creativity and innovation, self‐direction, global connections, local connections, using technology) while improving their language skills. As part of the course requirements, students are supposed to attend two-hour sessions each week and complete all the tasks in and outside the class to improve the aforementioned skills. All these tasks are in line with B1 level objectives (e.g. listening and taking notes, doing a presentation, group discussion, writing and acting out a role-play, reading and summarizing a text, writing a text using the words that they have learnt, conducting interviews and reporting the results to the others, preparing the project proposal, writing their scenarios and so on). Students are introduced to a real-world problem at the beginning and are expected to present a solution at the end of the course. Before coming up with their own solutions in a short movie, students are expected to do research, make use of various resources and work collaboratively to learn more about the causes, results and possible solutions.

The project class started on Monday in Week 2 with 140 B1 level students.









Due to the high number of students who enrolled in the project class, there are seven different sections: