Dear all,

we hope your first week of this new semester went smooth. Below you can find this week’s update.

Common Time Developmental Sessions: This semester, we will continue having our developmental sessions with the help of our voluntary instructors who would like to share good practices with ScOLa.

The complete list of the sessions will be available in your team offices this week.

Our first session will be on teaching reading skill the details of which are below:

Title: “Soothing the Beast: A Glance at Creating Good  Readers”

Instructor: Can Danışmant

Session Details: It is nightmarish to work on a reading text that might lead to huge frustration and demotivation for certain students, who are unable to deal with its features. That’s why this session aims to create good impressions for our reading lessons in the context of a foreign language lesson. This will help us, as educators, to motivate our learners more efficiently.

Date&Time: Afternoon common time (15:00-16.30)

Venue: ScOLa-220

 If you are interested, please send an e-mail to Can Danısmant by Wednesday 13:30.

Wish you a wonderful new week 🙂