Dear all,

please find the updated version of ScOLa Conference Participation Procedure.

Conference Participation:

 Representing our university at relevant conferences offers not only valuable networking opportunities but also gives our instructors a chance to share their knowledge and experiences with other language instructors all over the world. In addition to that, conference participation allows instructors to have developmental opportunities in their field that can also be shared with ScOLa instructors.

However, ScOLa needs to balance the requests for conference participation in order to create equal opportunities for all the instructors. Therefore, the following procedures need to be considered by instructors who wish to present at relevant conferences.

Please note that the applicants can get assistance from TLDU during their abstract writing and session preparation process.

Conference Application Procedures:  

  1. Instructors wishing to present at a conference need to fill in the conference application form (available on Z-drive) 1 month prior to the application deadline and submit it to ScOLa Admin so that timely actions could be taken and planning could be made for the conference. A full application need to be submitted.
  2. One presenter per paper is preferable. In case of joint presentations, the rationale, reason and need for the joint work have to be clearly stated in the application form.
  3. ScOLa Conference Committee (ScOLa Management Board & TLDU members) meets to discuss the application and the applicant is required to meet the committee to further explain the abstract, talk about the study/project/research/workshop and/or   give a mock presentation.
  4. The final decision is taken by the Committee considering the followings;
  • the quality and effectiveness of the research, presentation, abstract etc.
  • relevance, timing and venue of the conference,
  • budget requested, the support provided to the applicant in the previous years and conferences,
  • the frequency of the applications the applicant had- (If there are more applicants who apply for the same conference and if one of the applicants has attended a conference in the previous academic year, priority may be given to the instructor that has not participated in a conference before.)

5. Once the final approval granted, the applicant is expected to follow the suggestions/actions that came out from  the meeting with the committee and also liaise with ScOLa admin before making all the necessary arrangements regarding accommodation, conference fee payments or travel arrangements.

6. Please note that it is the instructor’s responsibility to rearrange their schedule to cover any teaching and/or  other work-related duties that will be missed during the conference.

  1. After presenting at the conference, the presenter is expected to contribute to the institution by sharing his/her experiences in a variety of forums. (Presenting in the school, writing a reflection, sharing the PPP and notes on the ScOLa blog)


Wish you all a fruitful new week!