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here are this week’s news and updates:

Common Time Developmental Sessions:

As you know last week we had the session “Interactive & Colourful Activities” given by Selin Çolak. It was a fruitful session in which the participants had the opportunity to share activities to be used in their classes.


This week, there will be two sessions on Thursday. Please find the details below.
Morning Session:
Date: 07.12.2017-Thursday
Time: 9.00
Venue: ScOLa 230
Presenter: Halil İbrahim Gündüz
Title: Teaching Vocabulary in Context

Afternoon Session:
Date: : 07.12.2017-Thursday
Time: 14.45
Presenter: Gülçin Coşgun
Title: Lesson planning

Please send an e-mail to by Tuesday 16.30 if you would like to attend the session.

Study Center Seminars:

Last week, Esra Çelik Soydan delivered a student seminar on “Vocabulary” which was noticed to be one of the most problematic area in language learning based on the Study Center figures. The participants had the chance to learn about the importance of vocabulary, which words we teach at ScOLa and why these words, how to learn vocabulary, and how to use vocabulary learning resources.

This week, Study Center seminars continue with the one on “Writing” given by Gülşah Tuna Herdem. You can find the details below.

Study Center Seminars: Writing

“Effective Ways to the Reader’s Heart”

This session aims at raising students’ awareness on the ways to improve their writing skills. There are tips and suggestions on how to study for content, organization, grammar and vocabulary. The session will be held in an interactive way. Students’ experiences and the challenges they face in the writing process will be asked and effective ways will be discussed together with the students. There will be two sessions on the same day.

Date: 07.12.2017 Thursday

Time:11.45-12:35 (A2&B1)

12:45-13:35 (B2)

Venue: Scola 229


Webinar: EAP and Language: What do learners want?
Live webinar on December 4th @ 15:00 GMT

Research into the needs of English for Academic Purposes (EAP) learners has indicated that an explicit focus on language is a priority for them. While Second Language Acquisition research has not shown conclusively whether language instruction leads to acquisition, more attention is now being given to EAP learners’ self-perceived needs in relation to learning grammar and discourse.

Learners consistently report that good language skills will allow them to express themselves more effectively when they move on to full-time tertiary study in English. This raises the question of what language these learners should study and how they should study it. This presentation will look at examples of native speaker and non-native speaker academic writing and then look at the kind of grammar and discourse that can help EAP learners produce written and spoken language that is more sophisticated and complex. It will also consider the issue of subject-specific EAP language.

The presentation will also look at learners’ methodological preferences when they do engage with language and then explore approaches and principles that can lead to more effective noticing of language in authentic academic texts.

If you would like to register, please follow the link.


Wish you all a fruitful new week,