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We would like to inform you about the following events:

1. UGE Sharing Experience (Shaexperience)  Workshop and Presentation Series Spring 2017: Prep instructors can also join these sessions if their schedules permit.


Presenters Name   Date, Time & Venue Title of Presentation/Workshop Abstract (max. 50 words)
1 Saadet Tıkaç 1st  June 2017, Thursday @11:00 Room 314 “Use of Corrective Feedback by Native and Non-Native Teachers: A Comparative Analysis” This research paper presents a study on the beliefs and practices of a native English speaking teacher (NEST) and a non-native English speaking teacher (Non-NEST) of prep students in a private high school of Turkey on giving corrective feedback to students’ oral production.
2 İlkay Tuzcu Tığlı 6th June 2017,Tuesday @ TBA in Room 314 Digital Identity and Cyber Culture on Social Media:“Rich Kids of Turkey” as a Neo-Subculture on Instagram


This research aims to offer an insight for theorizing the role of social media in facilitating the search for meaningful identities in a sense of community focusing on the neo-subcultural characteristics of interactive users mediated by images.
3 Saadet Tıkaç 8th June 2017, Thursday @TBA in Room 314 “Hedging in Academic Writing: The Use of ‘can’ in University

Students’ Argumentative Essays at an English Medium University in Turkey”

This study aims to shed light on the ways of using meta-discourse markers and specifically hedging devices in academic writing by a group of first year university students studying in the department of English language education at a Turkish state university.
4 Sedef Erdogan Giovanell 12th June 2017, Monday @TBA in Room 314 Culinary Heritage in Turkey: Cultural Policy, Official Practice and Online Representation of Food Culture


As a part of my PhD thesis, this research aims to examine the employment of the intersection of food and heritage as the foundation for establishing food as an intangible cultural heritage. More specifically, in this research, the online representations of food culture by official bodies of Turkey will be identified and analysed by looking at the different contents available on the Internet by using the discourse analysis.


2. Cambridge Webinar: Teach with digital: developing digital skills for language teaching


In this webinar, practical ways for teachers to develop their digital skills for language teaching will be discussed. Knowing where to start and what to do can be challenging, so how teachers can evaluate their own skills, decide what they would like to work on, and how they can move forward in those areas will be considered.

Participants will look at some useful questions to ask when selecting digital products to use for teaching and for professional development. They will also be provided with examples of how teachers can extend the use of digital products to support learners in communicative language learning.

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Monday 19 June 2017, 14.00- 15.00 (UK time) Wednesday 21 June 2017, 10.00-11.00 (UK time)

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