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Please find this week’s highlights below:

1. Nazan’s TLDU Workshop

Nazan:  SESSION 3 – Repeated

Using Different Reading Activities in Classroom

11 May, 2017 Afternoon: 15:00- 16:15

2. Research Group

13 instructors completed the first round of the research journey and received their certificates!

They attended the sessions below and completed the necessary requirements:

  • The research question
  • The introduction and the purpose statement
  • Literature Review
  • Methodological Design
  • Data collection
  • Data analysis
  • Research ethics

We wish them good luck in continuing their research!




















3. B1 Project

Although the B1 project class started with more than 100 students, 42 students completed it successfully. Students were expected to attend the 90% of the sessions and complete all the oral and written tasks during and after each session as well as the final project which was shooting a short movie. The first phase of the project started with the input sessions/tasks which provided students with the opportunity to read and listen to different views of different parties on the generational differences and challenges of teaching the new generation. All the tasks were in line with B1 level objectives and some of the tasks completed were conducting interviews with their teachers, reporting their interviews in the sessions, participating in group discussions, conducting research on the issue and presenting their findings orally in the classroom. For each task they were assessed based on the criteria that had been shared with them.  The second phase of the project started with narrowing their topics down and learning about the features of shooting an effective short movie. They were supposed to choose a problem related to teaching the new generation, to raise awareness of others on the issue and propose a solution directly/indirectly. Each week they also completed a different step (submitting project proposal, describing the characters and main scenes, writing the first draft of their scenario, etc.) and received feedback to make necessary revisions. Since they worked hard, took responsibility and managed their time effectively, they could produce great projects. Although there are 10 successful projects, we would like to share the ones for which we got the permission from students. We hope you will enjoy them 🙂

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