Dear all,

here are the highlights from ScOLA:

1. We would like to inform you that all the team leaders and Teaching and Learning Development Unit Members attended an EAQUALS training program given by Julie Wallis, director and teacher trainer at the London School and AISli educational officer, last week. This four-day intensive training involved sessions on various topics from leadership to lesson observation and giving feedback.  The sessions provided an opportunity to look at these topics from different perspectives through reading, discussions and hands-on practice.

2. As you know we had our joint-event organised by the British Council and Özyeğin University on ‘Exploring English, Skills and Employability: Industry, Alumni and Academia’ on 17.02.2017 in which we brought together speakers and more than 200 guests from industry, academia and alumni to discuss how well universities prepare their graduates for industry as far as English provision is concerned, what employers  are looking for as far as English skills are concerned and how universities and the industry can collaborate to ensure these expectations are met. Thank you for making this event a success by being a part of it. Hope this one to be a start for our upcoming organizations.

3. B1 Project started in the previous week with 114 B1 level students.

Due to the high number of students who enrolled in the project class, there are six different sections which are conducted on a block-schedule:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday
Section 1:

13:30-15:00  (220)


Section 2

15:10-16:30 (220)

Section 3:

8:50-10:10  (219)


Section 4

10:20-11:50 (219)

Section 5:

13:30-15:00  (220)


Section 6

15:10-16:30 (220)


4. This week on Thursday, Nazan will be delivering her session entitled “Creating Student-Centered Classes” at 9.00. This is going to be a new session created based on our common need.  Hope to see most of us in the session.