What’s a blog?

What’s ScOLa CPD blog?

Having a community blog idea was flagged at the end of 2014 academic year to have an alternative channel for communication and helping each other to develop professionally. As a big group (Nurgul, Selen, Forest, Sinem, Ebru, Nurkan, Bahar, Merve, Beyza, Serdar, Nazan and me-Asli) we started working on TDU summer projects involving the Continuous Professional Development blog. Heartfelt thanks go to everyone involved in fleshing out this blog.


Our blog aims at;

  • aiding ScOLa in its endeavor to be a learning organisation
  • supporting fellow English Language teachers at ScOLa in terms of Continuous Professional Development by networking and collaborating on-line within ScOLa, as well as other colleagues locally and globally.
  • learning about challenges and coping strategies on-line through reflection, discussion and sharing ideas.
  • disseminating ELT related information (e.g. conference presentations, teaching ideas, articles …etc.) & the social side of our school
  • familiarizing colleagues in ScOLa with Information Communication Technology in ELT
  • guiding bloggers and blog lovers in integrating web tools and applications to teaching and learning.

So, we hope that you would participate and enjoy this blogging experience because with your participation our blog will be extraordinary!

Hopefully we can evaluate how much we achieved in fulfilling our aims all together at the end of this academic year and assess this pilot project.

Happy blogging everyone!