Week 12: 5-9 December

Dear all,

We hope you have had a good start to the new week and would like to inform you about the upcoming events at our school.

Shaexperience Session -1 (2016)

This week Ayfer Karaca from UGE and Cafer Çavdar from Lifelong Learning Academy will give this year’s first Shakespearance session on how to use Google Docs. The session will take about 60 minutes it will focus on helping teachers and administrators use Google Docs in their daily practices with zero cost for registration and follow-up process. For educational institutions, it is important to generate, process and track the data in a timely fashion. This presentation will illustrate how best to attain that standard of efficiency. Firstly, “google docs” will be introduced with a specific focus on working collaboratively on projects with others who may not be there physically. Secondly, the presentation will explore how these documents interact with each other and how to ensure they work properly. Finally, practical ways of tracking communication will be explained. The whole session will be hands-on, with enough room for questions at the end. Please also be informed that the session will be conducted in Turkish.

Date:  8.12.2016

Time: 14:45-15:45

Venue: SCOLA 126

ICT Reading Club SESSION 2

Beyza Yılmaz will be giving the second ICT session on E-learning by Design: Do Type Activities ( practice, discovery, games).

Date:  8.12.2016

Time: 09:45-11:00

Venue: It will be announced later.

Have a great week,



Week 10: 21-25 November

Dear All,

here are this week’s news:

1. Nergis Akbay attended Eaquals Members’ Meeting on 18-19 November in Florence, Italy.  The aim of the meeting was to share expertise and to further innovation and development in our field through keynote plenary sessions together with parallel workshops. Further details will be shared soon.

img_8813 img_8814 img_8815





















2.Eugene held the first MLP Professional Development session entitled “LMS Quizzes Tutorial” on November 18th for Modern Languages instructors. He started by referring to the LMS workshops we had with Erim 2 years ago. Since then, Eugene has produced LMS Quizzes for all the French courses he teaches at ScOLa (FRE 101, FRE 102, FRE 201 and FRE 202). Last year, he shared his expertise with Arco, our Italian instructor who joined the club and produced LMS Quizzes for the ITA students.

Eugene then continued with the rationale of the LMS quizzes in the program. You can see a brief summary of the benefits for the students and the instructors below.

For students

Formative assessment process

Process materials learnt in class

Self-assessment tool towards autonomy

Immediate feedback

Identify gaps in knowledge

Can retake the quiz

Keep learners engaged & motivated

For instructors

Tailor tests in the desired way

Save time on corrections in class

Overview of test scores & progress

Evaluate students’ performances individually

Identify students’ weak areas

Apply remedy in class

Eco friendly

The rest of the workshop was planned for step by step instructions on creating LMS quizzes. Eugene also gave insights on what type of questions could be used in languages which do not use the Latin alphabet. (Russian, Arabic, Chinese)

It was an inspirational session which created a collaborative learning environment. As a follow-up task, each instructor  will create a quiz for the language s/he teaches. The group decided to meet in two weeks time to share the quizzes they have created. Nergis E. will be available to assist the instructors in the task.

The next MLP developmental session will be led by Ervin Ostos on Scorm Packages with reference to Flipped Learning.

















3. We would like to take this opportunity to celebrate our Teachers’ Day.

Image result for teacher appreciation day



Week 8: 07-11 Nov.

Dear all,

here are this week’s news:

1.Beyza held the first session of the ICT reading club. In the session, the first chapter of Horton’s book entitled “ Designing E-learning”  was discussed. The participants shared their reflections and the possible implications on Scola context.

If you are interested in e-learning and educational technology, it is still not too late. Beyza will be delivering this session again on November 10th between 15.00-16.15.


2. Please find the below e-mail we received from EAQUALS:

Our Associate Member, Pearson, is looking for Young Learner teachers who would be interested in taking part in a new research project. 
Please reply direct to rating@pearson.com.
Dear colleagues, 

Get paid to rate the first set of global Young Learner learning objectives


Pearson has just launched an initial set of 410 Global Scale of English Learning Objectives for Young Learners that describe what learners age 6-14 should be able to do across each of the four skills.


We are now looking for teachers who have experience in teaching Young Learners (aged 6-14) and an interest in the CEFR to become part of our group of trained ‘Expert Raters’.

What does rating involve?

  • Attending a training webinar:  this takes approx. 60-90 minutes. Several sessions are scheduled to accommodate different time-zones.
  • Rating batches of around 120 new Learning Objectives: each batch takes about 2-3 hours and we allow 2 weeks to complete it in your own time. The rating is done in a spreadsheet.
  • For each batch of Learning Objectives rated, we provide a ‘thank you’ payment of £60 (or local equivalent) as an appreciation of your time. This is made as a bank-transfer.

Upcoming training session:

We have YL rater training sessions coming up on:

  • Wednesday November 30th
    • Morning 7:00-8:30 Eastern Standard time (EST)
    • Afternoon 15:00-16:30 EST
  • Friday December 2nd
    • Morning 7:00-8:30 Eastern Standard time (EST)
    • Afternoon 15:00-16:30 EST

(timings are given in US EST. To check local times, click here)


How do I get involved?

If you are interested in participating, please contact rating@pearson.com by and provide the following information:

  • In which country are you based
  • How you heard about becoming a rater (e.g. Eaquals email)
  • Which training session you would like to attend
  • Which of the following learner groups you have experience in teaching:
    • Young Learners aged 6-10
    • Young Learners aged 10-14
    • Adults – General English
    • Adults – Business English
    • Adults – Academic English

About GSE

The Global Scale of English (GSE) is a standardised, granular scale which measures English language proficiency. It is aligned to the Common European Framework (CEFR).
The project has so far involved thousands of experienced ELT teachers from over 50 countries who are helping us to establish the proficiency level of the new GSE Learning Objectives. This research project is ongoing as we continue to expand the Young Learner set.
You can download the GSE Learning Objectives for Young Learners here or find them in the GSE Teacher Toolkit.
Contact rating@pearson.com if you require further information.


IATEFL Learner Autonomy  Special Interest Group (LASIG) invite you to participate in their webinar with David Nunan  this Saturday 12 Nov 2016 at 10am GMT. David will be speaking on Language learning beyond the classroom

The webinar is open to anyone who is interested. It will be recorded and available in the IATEFL members area after the event has aired.   You can access the webinar here: https://iatefl.adobeconnect.com/_a875541554/lasigwebinars/   To find out what time the webinar airs from your location please check out the world clock here

The two contexts for language learning and use are inside the classroom and outside the classroom. Until comparatively recently, the classroom world was where language was learned, and the world beyond the classroom was where language was used. This bifurcation between language learning and use began to break down with the advent of communicative language teaching which brought with it experiential learning and the notion that one could actually acquire a language by using it productively and communicatively inside the classroom. The fact is, however, that the context of language use outside the classroom makes it quite a different experience from language use inside the classroom.

Until relatively recently, opportunities for activating classroom learning in the world outside the classroom were limited in many parts of the world. All that has changed with technology, particularly the Internet, which provides learners with access to an astonishing variety of authentic and output. The proliferation of social networking sites provide learners with opportunities to communicate in speech and writing with other users of their chosen target language around the globe.

In this presentation, I will argue that learning through using language in authentic as well as pedagogically structured contexts outside the classroom can significantly enhance the language learning process. Practical illustrations and examples in the form of case studies will be presented to illustrate the rich variety of opportunities that exist for language learning and use outside the classroom.


David is Professor Emeritus of Applied Linguistics at the University of Hong Kong and Distinguished Research Professor at Anaheim University. He is a former president of TESOL, and is currently a trustee and executive committee member of The International Research Foundation for English Language Education (TIRF). He has published over 30 books on curriculum development, language teaching methodology, research methods, and teacher education.    http://lasig.iatefl.org/index.html

Have a great week,



Week 7: 31 October- 4 November

Dear all,

We hope everything is going well with you and would like to inform you about the news for this week.

  1. PEARSON ELT teacher awardpearson-elt-reward

Pearson ELT, Associate Member of Eaquals, has launched a new award to celebrate inspirational teachers. The global Award will showcase teachers who have implemented innovative ways of teaching in their classrooms leading to improved learning outcomes; from the big innovations to the everyday. Teachers everywhere are adopting new digital tools, implementing new ideas, and coming up with innovative solutions that improve outcomes for their learners. Entries will be judged by a panel of experts from within the ELT community who will be looking for examples of best practice and innovative approaches to improving learner outcomes. Five inspiring teachers will each win an all expenses paid trip to the forthcoming IATEFL or TESOL conferences where they will enjoy the opportunity to hear the latest theories and exchange ideas with fellow professionals from all sectors of ELT. In addition, a People’s Choice winner will be selected by a public vote from the entries submitted. The winner will receive 20 Kindles for their class pre-loaded with a selection of Pearson English Readers. Teachers can self submit entries or nominate colleagues for the award from now until 1 January 2017 via the Pearson ELT website. The winners will be announced on 25 January 2017. You can visit Pearson ELT for more information on the Pearson ELT Global Teacher Award.

If you are interested, don’t forget to apply by 1 January 2017.








Cambridge English invites you to join us for our new webinar: ​ Understanding test scores: what every teacher should know

on Monday 14 November 14.00 – 15.00 (UK time*) and Wednesday 16 November 10.00 – 11.00 (UK time*). 

If you are interested, you can access more information or register using the following link:


3. Our TLDU professional development sessions continue with Nazan’s session on Vocabulary teaching on 3rd November from 3 p.m. to 4.15 p.m. If you are interested, come and join us.

4.Our research group continue their journey. This week they will be working on “how to write an effective introduction”.





















5. Please do not forget to check the conferences section in order to see the updated list :)

Have a great week,


Conferences 2016-2017


  • @ELTalks International Classroom Practitioner Perspective conference


CONFERENCE DATE: 24th to 26th November 2016

VENUE: Ahmet Keleşoğlu Faculty of Education, Necmettin Erbakan University , Konya

WEBSITE: www.eltalks.org

MARCH 2017:

  • 40th Annual National Convention TESOL-SPAIN: Evolving and Involving


CONFERENCE DATE: 3-5 March, 2017

VENUE: Universidad Miguel Hernández, Elche 

WEBSITE: http://www.tesol-spain.org/en/pages/1/convention-2017.html




CONVERENCE DATE: 18th-19th March, 2017


WEBSITE: http://tesolgreece.org/news/item/1005-call-for-participation-38th-tesol-greece-annual-international-convention.html





CONFERENCE DATE: 9-11 March, 2017


WEBSITE http://www.tesolarabia.co/conference/proposals/


  • 11th annual International Technology, Education and Development Conference





WEBSITE: https://iated.org/inted/mailingOCT.html

25th Annual HUPE Conference




WEBSITE: http://www.hupe.hr/index.php/conference-2/news

APRIL 2017:

  • Bogazici University School of Foreign Languages 1st ELT Conference: “Towards Higher Education: Bridging the Gap between Secondary Education and Higher Education”


CONFERENCE DATE: 15 April, 2017


WEBSITE: http://www.theconference.boun.edu.tr/index.php

 MAY 2017:

  • 15th ELTA SERBIA CONFERENCE: Awaken your Curiosity



CONFERENCE DATE: 19-20 May, 2017


WEBSITE: http://elta.org.rs/2014/12/02/15th-elta-conference/


  • The GlobELT 2017: The Third International Conference on Teaching and Learning English as an Additional Language

PROPOSAL DEADLINE: February 13, 2017

CONFERENCE DATE: 18-21 May 2017.

VENUE: Ephesus, Selcuk, Turkey

WEBSITE: http://www.globeltconference.com/


Week 6: 24-28 October

Dear all,

last week Nazan held her first professional development session entitled “Motivating and Moving Students to Practice Vocabulary”. As some of the participants shared, it was an inspirational session with lots of practical ideas. It was also nice that the participants had the chance to share their own in-class practice with each other, which created a collaborative environment.

You can see some of the photos from the session below.

If you are interested in practical ideas on teaching vocabulary, it is still not too late. Nazan will be delivering this session again on November 3rd between 15.00-16.15.

img_8063 img_8066 img_8067



















This Thursday, our professional development sessions will continue with Beyza’s first session of the ICT Reading Club between 9.45-11.00. If you are interested in ICT and e-learning, come and join us.


Have a nice week,



Week 5: 17-21 Oct.

cambCambridge English Language Assessment is pleased to invite you to the Cambridge English Teacher Training Roadshow. If you are interested, you can get more information using the following link:


  • We would like to update you about the workshops that were given on Friday by Bahar Varicioglu, Pearson-Middle East Efficacy Lead. It was a whole day event. The director, the deputy director, the coordinators, the team leaders and the teaching and learning development unit members attended the training sessions. The overall aim of the sessions was to introduce the efficacy framework that would guide our school to evaluate our work as well as providing us with support in outcome/goal setting to improve the quality.


img_0445img_0456 img_0443
























  • We would also like to announce that Nergis Akbay is going to attend the 10th YDYO meeting in İzmir on 20th and 21st of October. She will be joining the other directors to discuss current issues regarding school of languages in Turkey.


  • Please be informed that Nazan and Beyza are going to start their professional development activities for instructors. You can find the details of their sessions below:
Nazan: SESSION 1

Motivating and Moving Students to Practice Vocabulary

20 October, 2016 Morning: 09:45-11:00
Beyza: SESSION 1

ICT Reading Club


E-learning by Design: Designing E-learning & Absorb Type Activities

27 October, 2016 Morning: 09:45-11:00
Source for Beyza’s ICT Reading Club:

Horton, W. (2011). E-learning by design. John Wiley & Sons.

Nazan:  SESSION 1 (Repeated)

Motivating and Moving Students to Practice Vocabulary

3 November, 2016 Afternoon: 15:00- 16:15
Beyza:   ICT Reading Club

SESSION 1 (Repeated)


E-learning by Design: Designing E-learning & Absorb Type Activities

10 November, 2016 Afternoon: 15:00- 16:15
Nazan:  SESSION 2

Grammar Presentation: Is it out of Fashion?


1 December, 2016 Morning: 09:45-11:00
Beyza: ICT Reading Club SESSION 2 (Repeated)

E-learning by Design: Do Type Activities  ( practice, discovery, games)

8 December, 2016 Morning: 09:45-11:00
Nazan:  SESSION 2

Grammar Presentation: Is it out of Fashion?


15 December, 2016 Afternoon: 15:00- 16:15
Beyza: ICT Reading Club SESSION 2 (Repeated)

E-learning by Design: Do Type Activities  ( practice, discovery, games)

22 December, 2016 Afternoon: 15:00- 16:15
Source for Beyza’s ICT Reading Club:

Horton, W. (2011). E-learning by design. John Wiley & Sons.


  • Our ScOLa Clubs have started running. You can get the updated info on LMS under “ScOLa Clubs” course. This course is open to all ScOLa instructors and the students so that they can catch up with the latest news/changes about clubs.  Please guide your students as much as possible regarding these clubs as these are extra chance for our students to use the language they learn in the class.
  • On Continuous Professional Development blog under “ScOLa at Conferences”, you can find the calendar for conferences around the world if you would like to know about the deadlines for proposals.


Have a great week,



Week 4: 10-14 Oct.

Hello all,

We hope everything is going well with you and we would like to update you about the highlights of this week.

– The research group which is comprised of 20 instructors held their first meeting on Thursday and started their journey!

img_0375img_0376 img_0377 img_0378




































  • ScOLa Study Center became active. Now, you can direct your students who need extra guidance and support to the center. Below you can see the available hours:



  • Our ScOLa Clubs will start this week. We have a Speaking Club for A2 students, English Drama Club for B1 students, and Music & Movie Scenes Club and Travel Club for B2 students. You can find the posters around.

music-and-movie-scenes-club speaking-club travel-club drama-club




Have a great week..

Week 3: 03-07 Oct. 2016

Hello all,

we have started the new academic year and already made it to the third week.

Here are some of the highlights of this week:

– B1 Project has started on Monday with its first groups of students. 90 B1 level students enrolled in the project class and there will be six sections of students who will be meeting weekly.

– Research group will hold their first meeting on Thursday and start their research journey.

– ScOLa Study Center will become active as of 6th October, Thursday.

– ScOLa English Drama Club starts on Friday at 9.00 in AB-3, 235 with the interested B1 level students. Don’t forget to inform your students! :)




study-center drama-club









ScOLa Clubs are ready to kick off!

Hello all,

we have been in the process of designing and organising this semester’s ScOLa Clubs and we are ready to start! This week, you will see our club posters around and our students will receive an e-mail consisting the level, time and venue info.

Can you please also guide your students so that they follow their e-mails, check the notice boards around and follow what’s going on in ScOLa regarding extracurricular activities?

Thank you very much for your continuous support.

We keep updating you!